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Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does
Hoanbu Stat Anhelena Arya
  • 2007 1st pl Sr Kid and RGCH NAILE
  • 2007 Part of 1st pl Jr Get of Sire Ohio St Fair, NAILE
  • 2007 Part of 1st pl Best 3 Jr Does Ohio St Fair, NAILE
Arya is one of our most promising 2007 doelings.  She is a typical
Status daughter excelling in general appearance with a smooth front,
showed well as a kid and among other wins, she earned a Reserve
Arya is a near replica of big sisters Avril and Atiana as she is a repeat
of a highly successful breeding of Anhelena to Status.  
SG Hoanbu
Status Anhelena Avril 5*M
was 2nd place Intermediate Kid at the
2006 National Show as well as having an impressive young stock LA
score of Ec (EcEcEc).  Avril earned her Superior Genetics rating as a
yearling milker and got an LA score of 86 with V's across the board
that same year before tragedy struck and she died.  (It always
happens to the good ones....)  
GCH Hoanbu Status Anhelena Atiana
5*M was the 10th place Intermediate Kid at the 06 National Show, had
a young stock appraisal of Extremely Correct overall and had an even
more impressive showing as a yearlling milker with being placed 1st
place 16 times.  Arya looks like she will be a taller doe than either
Atiana or Avril.



DOB:  Feb 2007

YSA 0-05 Ec (EcVEc)