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Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does
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SGCH Hoanbu Stat Anhelena Atiana 5*M EX92
deceased 2014
  • 2007: shown 17x, 16x 1st, 2x RGCH, 1x GCH
  • 2007 Ohio State Fair Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2007 Grand Champion Tri State Summer Show (leg)
  • 2008 3x GCH, 4x RGCH, 1x BOB
  • 2008 ADGA Nationals 11th pl 2 yr old
  • 2008 ADGA Nationals part of 3rd pl Sr Get of Sire
  • 2008 NAILE 3rd pl 2 yr old, part of 1st pl Sr Get, Dairy Herd
  • 2009 Music City Classic 1x GCH, 1x RGCH
  • 2009 GCH Ohio St Fair Youth and Open shows
  • 2009 TN St Fair GCH, BOB, Best Udder in Show
  • 2009 4x GCH, 1x RGCH, 1x BOB, 1x BUIS
  • 2010 1x BOB Tri State DGA
  • 2010 ADGA Nationals 2nd pl 4 yr Old, 2nd udder
  • 2010 ADGA Nationals part of 1st pl Dairy Herd, Sr Get, Best 3
  • 2011 MODGA 2x BOB
  • 2011 ADGA National Show 1st pl 5-6 Yr Old/ 2nd Udder
  • 2011 ADGA National Show part of 1st pl Dairy Herd, Best 3
    Sr Does, Dam & Daughter, 2nd pl Sr Get of Sire
  • 2011 2x BOB
  • 2012 Ohio State Fair Open, 1st aged doe, GCH
  • 2012 1x BOB
to wow us with all she is.  Atiana is a balanced package.  We admire her
sharpness, smoothness of blending, levelness, her correct feet/legs, and
her fantastic mammary.  You just don't see udders on Nubians like this
doe has everyday.  Besides her incredible attachment, she has teats that
are set away from the inside of her leg-- a trait not easily  found in
Nubians.  She has a much improved mammary over her dam, with the
typical Status rear udder height, width and arch that we admire in all his
consistent daughters.  She just gets better with age.

Atiana was the 10th place Intermediate Kid at the 2006 National Show and
LA'ed Extremely Correct overall.  As a yearling milker, she was shown 17x
in 2007 in officially sanctioned open class shows.  She went 16x 1st place
including one Grand Champion win and 2 Reserve Grand Champion wins
including the Ohio State Fair.  Going stale in November for the NAILE, she
ruined her 'undefeated' title by still showing at a respectable 4th place.  

Atiana appraised VG86 with an Excellent mammary as a yearling and
made her AR star with her high butterfat content in her milk ending with a
5.7% fat content average for her first lactation.  She scored a respectable
87 as a 2yr old after just coming back from a very stressful and long stay at
the National Show.  As a 3 yr old, Atiana filled out and took the showring by
storm again in 09-- even while competing with tough herdmates
Pearl and SGCH Moonlight for titles.  Atiana continued her winning ways
into 2010 by placing 2nd in the 4 yr old class with 2nd udder at Nationals.  
She was also part of Hoanbu's 1st place Dairy Herd, Senior Get of Sire (for
Status), Best 3, Dam and Daughter (with Always) and also her daughters
SGCH Almost Summer and SGCH Always Easy were 2nd place Produce
of Dam.  

Atiana is definitely proving her worth as a brood doe as well.  Atiana's
SGCH Hoanbu EXOD Almost Summer 6*M by SG +*B
Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus
was shown 3x in 2008 and was 3x GCH
easily earning her dry leg at the first show out as a dry yearling and
finished her championship in 2010 as well as being the 7th pl 3 Yr Old at
the 2010 Nationals. Continuing to prove her worth as a brood doe, Atiana's
SGCH Hoanbu KFE Always Easy 6*M EX91 by our herdsire GCH
+*B Kastdemur's Free and Easy EX91 EEE
won her class at the 2008
National Show, was 2nd pl 2 Yr Old at the 2010 Nationals and scored
EX92 EEEE as a 2nd freshener and was 3rd place but 1st place udder in
the 5-6 Yr Old class at the 2013 National Show where the National
Champion and Reserve National Champion were chosen out of!  We are
so impressed with Always that we are repeating this breeding of Atiana to
Easy for 2014 kids.

Planned breeding: SGCH +*B Kastdemur's Free and Easy  EX91 EEE
DUE:  April 2014
confirmed pregnant via BioTracking


Tested G6S Normal
Tested CAE Negative


DOB:  March 31, 2006

YSA 0-02 Ec (EcVEc)
1-04 VG86 V++E
2-02 VG87 VVEV
3-04 VG89 VVEE
4-03 EX90 VVEE
5-03 EX90 VEEE
6-04 EX92 EEEE

One Day Milk Test:
4-02 11.4# 4.4%
22.0 total points

1-00 273 1370 78 5.7%
52 3.8%

2-00 279 1744 77 4.4%
63 3.6%

3-01 257 2320 90 3.9%
90 3.9%

4-11 144 1370 54F 47P
4th fresh 4 yr old
2010 ADGA National Show
1st Place  Dairy Herd: SGCH Moonlight, SGCH Always, SGCH Gahanna, SGCH Atiana
1st Place Dam and Daughter: SGCH Atiana, SGCH Always
1st Place Senior Get of Sire: SGCH Gahanna, SGCH Atiana, SGCH Moonlight
1st Place Best 3 Females: SGCH Atiana, SGCH Always, SGCH Moonlight