Pedigree Links
Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does
  • 2006 Official Dry Leg as a Sr Kid
  • 2006 4th pl Sr Kid ADGA National Show
  • 2007 NAILE 2nd place yearling
  • 2007 Ohio St Fair, NAILE part of 1st pl Sr Get, Best 3
  • 2008 finished championship (SGCH)
  • 2008 ADGA National Show 12th pl 2 yr old
  • 2008 ADGA National Show part of 3rd pl Sr Get of Sire
  • 2008 TN State Fair 1st pl 2 yr old, RGCH
  • 2008 TN State Fair part of 1st pl Best 3, Sr Get, Dairy Herd
  • 2008 NAILE 1st pl 2 yr old, part of 1st pl Sr Get of Sire, Dairy Herd



DOB:  Feb 2006

YSA: 0-04 V (VEcEc)
1-05 VG88 VVVE
2-05 EX90 VEEE
3-04 EX90 VEEE

One Day Test:
1-04 10.9# milk, 4.2% bf
20.8 total points

2-03 13.0#m, 4.30%bf
24.9 total points

3-04 17.8# 3.8%
31.9 total points

1-01 275 2216 107 4.8
78 3.5

2-01 305 2656 111 4.2%
98 3.7%
EXT 308 2666 112 99

3-03 148 1944 47 2.4%
61 3.1%
SGCH Hoanbu Status Giavonna Giabella 5*M EX90
Nationals in Indy where she was 4th place in a huge Senior Kid class
and 12th pl 2 yr old in 2008.  She easily earned her dry leg as a kid, her
SG as a yearling and SGCH as a 2 year old-- consistently placing high
no matter who the competition was.

MUCH improved over her dam (thank you
Status!), Bella had the highest
rear udder arch score of all my Nubians and the 2nd highest of the herd
of all 3 breeds in 2007 and 2008.  She has capacity, 1/3-1/3-1/3 balance,
superb texture and the highest herd score in fore udder attachment with
her seamless long fore.  At just a year and 5months old, Bella scored an
impressive yearling score of VG88 VVVE and equally impressive 2yr and
3yr old score of EX90 VEEE!  We were thrilled to learn that Bella earned
her Superior Genetics award as a yearling milker as well as her ST and
AR designations for her outstanding milk, fat and protein production with
over 2200# milk in 275d.  She finished her championship early on in
2008 making her our first SGCH EX90 doe and a 5th generation
Hoanbu-bred purebred Nubian.  She finished an awesome record of
over 2650# of milk as just a 2 yr old in 2008. What a package!   Another
Status daughter...

In 2009, Bella kidded just before we left to go to the Music City Classic
for 3 days and unfortunately went uneven shortly after we returned
home.  I wasn't home to catch the problem early on, darn it!  Being
uneven, Bella was not shown during the 09 show season so was dried
up early and dried treated aggressively  with hopes of coming back even
for 2010 but it just didn't happen.  Despite being uneven in 2009, she
still managed to produce nearly 2000# milk in just 148d.  Her ME was
over 4200#...  This doe can MILK.

After waiting 3 years, Bella finally gave me 3 daughters in 2010 and her
beautiful "mini-me" Gabriella (
Ella for short) will remain in the herd and
will head up our Jr Doe show string for 2011.  Ella's quad littermate
Hoanbu EXOD Guiness
has been chosen for the ADGA Young Sire
Development Program for 2010.