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Hoanbu Nubian Bucks
  • 2008: 3x 1st pl, 3x GCH, 1x BOB
  • 2009: 6x BOB, 4x BBIS
  • 2010 7x BOB, 3x BBIS
  • 2011 2x BOB, 1x BBIS
A gentle giant, Easy was an easy choice as an addition to our Nubian herdsire lineup.  He is one to
watch as not only is HE handsome, his offspring are quite impressive!  Long, tall, deep, level, dairy,
sharp, smooth.... I really love this guy!
I'm almost 6 feet tall and you can see how Easy dwarfs me in the photos of him. He is a huge buck.  
He has tremendous length of body, depth of heart, spring, angle and length of rib, strength to feet and
legs, sharpness and blending at the withers, width and depth of chest, and gorgeous breed character,
not to mention that pretty white blaze.  At 3 years old in 2010, Easy appraised EX91 EEE with Excellent
ratings in Shoulder Assembly, Feet, Back, and Rump.  He scored Very Good in Head, Front and Rear

Easy progeny show improvement in length of body, depth of heart and increasing depth of rear barrel,
angulation of rear leg, stature, and length of ears and more arch to nose.  Although he has not given
us many daughters, we see more proper placement, size and delineation of teat, definition of medial,
globular shape to mammary, fullness and extension to the fores and improved attachment and width
to rear udder.  We are also seeing a flat curve to lactations with milk holding steady well into later
lactation.  His daughter
Hoanbu KFE Peaceful EZ Feelin 2*M was the 4th place Intermediate Kid at
2008 Nationals and is milking incredibly well as just a 2nd freshener.  Another daughter
GCH Hoanbu
KFE Always Easy 6*M 3-02 EX92 EEEE was the 1st place Junior Kid at the 2008 ADGA National Show,
2nd place/2nd udder at 2010 Nationals, and after a bout with mastitis in 2011, was 9th pl 3 yr old at
Nationals and 1st place Dam/Daughter with SGCH Atiana.
 Hoanbu KFE Easy As Pie 2*M VG89 EVEV
was 14th place 2 yr old at the 2010 Nationals.  His dry daughters  
Hoanbu KFE Real Desire was the
2nd pl Jr Dry Yearling,
Hoanbu KFE Easy To Imagine was the 6th pl Sr Dry Yrg and Hoanbu KFE Easy
to Believe 2*M was the 18th pl Sr Dry Yrg all at the 2010 Nationals and earned a 2nd pl Jr Get of Sire

Easy's dam is Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M EX92 EEEE who died before she could become a permanent
champion, but her appraisal score proves her high quality.  Breeze comes from one of the most
impressive dam lines in the history of the Nubian breed.  Breeze's dam is SGCH Kastdemur's Aubree
EX92 EEEE, the 2001 ADGA National Champion and 2002 Reserve National Champion.  Aubree is a
daughter of SGCH Kastdemur's Crown Finate EX91, the 1999 National Champion.  This maternal line
also produced SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity EX93 EEEE, the 2008 and 2009 National Champion.

Easy's sire is +*B Kastdemur's Full Disclosure, a son of the notable SG ++*B Kastdemur's Full
Service EX91 (3x National Premier Sire) and GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila 1*M, the 2005 ADGA
National Champion.  Easy's paternal sister is SGCH Lakeshore FD Summer Intrique 6*M.

Semen is available from Hoanbu Dairy Goats and is also being marketed through BioGenics.
Additional Photos
GCH +*B Kastdemur's Free and Easy

**DNA Typed**
Tested G6S Normal


DOB: April 2007

YSA 0-04 V (VEcV)
1-03 VG87 VVE
2-03 VG88 VVV
3-02 EX91 EEE

Tested CAE negative
 GCH  ++*B Kastdemur's MPR Liaison 6-03 EX91 EEE
SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service 2-05 EX91 EEE
 GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey 3*M   
++*B Kastdemur's Full Disclosure 2-01 EX91 EEE
 +B Prairie-Patch Miller 2-04 VG84 ++V
GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila 1*M 4-05 EX90 VVEE Natl GCH05
 GCH Kastdrmur's Crown Kailua 6-04 VG86 V+VV

GCH +*B Kastdemur's Free and Easy 3-02 EX91 EEE

 ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess 5-04 EX90 EVE
+*B Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke 5-01 EX90 VEE
 SGCH Lakeshore-Farms T.P. Lacey 1*M 8-01 EX91 EVEE
Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M 4-02 EX92 EEEE
 *B High-Tor E. Ticket d/av 88
GCH Kastdemur's Aubree 3*M 6-00 EX92 EEEE Natl RGCH02 GCH01
 GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale 2*M 7-04 EX91 EEVE
photos of Breeze
courtesy of Karen Senn of
Kastdemur's Dairy Goats
Easy's Dam:
GCH Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M
Easy's Daughters:
Above Rear Udder:
Pie 2*M, Believe 2*M, GCH Always 6*M EX92 (2 photos).  Below: Pie 2*M, GCH
Always 6*M EX92 EEEE, Imagine, Believe 2*M, Peace 2*M, Real Desire, Dance With Me, I Hope You Dance
May 2008
May 2009
2 years old
at 3 years old