Hoanbu Nubian Herd Sires
SG +*B Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus
reference sire
   ++*B Ker-A-Tin Acres Royal Majesty
++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador 3-01 EX90 EEV
   SGCH Brown Sugar's Chardonnay 5*M 5-10 EX91 EEEE
++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess 5-04 EX90 EVE
   ++*B Kastdemur's E.T. Example
GCH Kastdemur's Extasy 2*M 5-00 EX90 EEVE
   GCH Kastdemur's Royal Charm 1*M 3-00 VG89 VEVE

SG +*B Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus

   ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess 5-04 EX90 EVE
+*B Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke 5-01 EX90 VEE
   SGCH Lakeshore-Farms T.P. Lacey 1*M 8-01 EX91 EVEE
SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm 5*M 4-02 EX92 EEEE
   SG ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service 6-05 EX91 EEE
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Sierra Storm 4*M 5-05 EX90 VEEE
   GCH Lakeshore-Farms EX Sierra 3*M 6-06 EX92 EEEE
Exodus is a sharp and angular buck with a fantastically smooth front end.  He has a near ideal set and width
to his rear legs.  He combines power and dairyness in a complete package.

We are seeing a lot of consistency in Exodus daughters.  They are showing increased production, dairyness,
sharpness and length and fullness to fore udders.  
SGCH Hoanbu EXOD Almost Summer was the 12th pl Sr
Yearling at the 2008 Nationals and 6th pl 3 yr old at 2010 Nationals, while
Hoanbu EXOD Summer Kiss 1*M
was the 17th pl Sr Kid in 2008.
GCH Hoanbu EXOD Summer Glitz 6*M VG89 was the 8th pl Int Kid in 2008 and
the 8th place 2 Year Old at the 2010 ADGA Nationals while
SG Hoanbu EXOD Summer Secret 2*M EX90 was
the 15th pl 2 Yr Old at the 2010 ADGA Nationals.  Exodus Jr Get of Sire was 4th place at the 2008 National
Show and his Senior Get of Sire was 2nd place at the 2010 ADGA Nationals.

Exodus is linebred on the late great
++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess 5-04 EX90 EVE a buck who has a list
of great offspring so long I couldn't even begin to write them here.  He comes from one of the most notorious
Nubian bucks of all time
++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador.  Exodus' dam, GCH Lakeshore-Farms
Summer Storm 5*M EX92 EEEE
, as you might know was 2004 ADGA Junior Champion and went on to win
her class again as a 2 year old with 1st place udder.  It's devastating that Summer's udder was ruined due to
mastitis, as this doe may very well be the best doe to come out of the Lakeshore herd.  That's saying a lot as
Tredway's have won Premier Breeder and Exhibitor for 6 consecutive years.  

Exodus' grandsire is
+*B Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke, a buck who is getting recognition for the
outstanding mammaries and gorgeous bodies he puts on his offspring like:
SGCH Wingwood Farm DL
Allegretto 2*M EX92 EEEE
, 3rd pl 2 Year Old 2005; GCH Lakeshore-Farm Tanqueray 3*M EX91 VVEE, the 1st
pl Int Kid in 2004, 1st pl Milking Yearling in 2005 and 2nd pl 2 Year Old at the 2006 ADGA Nationals;

Kastdemur's Breeze EX92 EEEE
, the 12th pl 3 Year Old 2006; 1st place Sr Get of Sire 2005 National. Exodus'
littermate brother,
*B Lakeshore EX Summer Heat was working for the Tredway's while his litter sister GCH
Lakeshore EX Summer Sensation 6*M
was undefeated in her class in 2006 with a record of 6 x 1st, was 8th
pl Jr Kid at the 2006 Nationals, 7th place Senior Yrg at the 2007 Nationals, and 2nd place 2 yr old at the 2008
Nationals.  She finished her championship as a first freshener.  (photos of Summer courtesy of Megan
Tredway-Carter of Lakeshore Farms).

I think Exodus is a great compliment to my herd that has SGCH +*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status EX91
EEE's strong influence in it already-- Exodus' sire Excess is Status's double great grandsire.

I do have Exodus semen available for sale at the farm!
Exodus' DAM:
SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm 5*M EX92 EEEE

**DNA Typed**
Tested G6S Normal
Tested CAE Negative



DOB: April 2006
photos of Summer courtesy of
Megan Tredway-Carter of Lakeshore Farms
Exodus daughters:
Above: SGCH Almost Summer 6*M VG89, GCH Glitz 6*M VG89, SG Secret 2*M EX90, SG Kiss 1*M, Cricket 2*M
Below: SGCH Almost Summer, SG Secret, GCH Glitz
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