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Hoanbu Nubian Does
SGCH Alize Kaisley 4*M EX91
              ++B Prarie-Patch Miller (2008 Natl Show Premier Sire)
     +B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie EX91 EEE
            Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia 3-03 VG86
*B Alize Kharm Personified AI 1-01 VG88
            SG +*B J&R Spirit's Dakota's Kaiyoum 1-03 VG88 VVV
    SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M 3-07 EX92 EEEE (2009 Natl Show RGCH, BU)
             SGCH M's Sagebrush Katero's Milan 1*M 6-03 EX92 EVEE

           ++B M's-Sagebrush-Acres Dakota
    *B J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim EX90
           SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M 3-07 EX92 EEEE
(2009 Natl Show RGCH, BU)
SGCH J&R Spirit's Maxim Kaitanna 3*M EX91
            SG ++*B Kastdemur's DE Exhibitionist EX90
    SGCH Desert-Willow KE CK Kailia 2*M EX93 EEEE (1st Aged Doe, RBU 2009 Natls)
            SGCH Carousel's Kooskia 1*M
  • 2012 2x GCH (dry leg), 1x RGCH
  • 2013 1x GCH, 2x RGCH (leg)
  • 2013 ADGA National Show: 2nd pl/2nd udder 2 Year Old
  • 2014 ADGA National Show 1st pl/1st udder 3 Yr Old
  • 2014 NAILE 1st pl 3 Yr Old, RGCH, Supreme Best Udder of Show
  • 2015 Kentucky State Fair Best of Breed
  • 2016 3x BOB, 1x GCH
  • 2018 ADGA National Show 2nd pl/2nd udder Aged Doe


Tested G6S Normal


DOB:  March 2011

3-03 EX91 VVVE
4-03 VG88 VVEE
05-04 EX90 EVEE
07-03 EX91 VEEE

1-10 289 2280 115
5.0% 93 4.1%
3-01 305 2480 105
4.2% 93 3.8%
549 4080 178 4.4%
155 3.8%
4-11 186 1690 75
4.4% 61 3.6%
6-11 304 2150 97
4.5% 81 3.8%
Kaisley was the only Nubian doe I had brought into the herd  and kept
since my Dad bought me my first purebred Nubian in 1990.  We love
Kaisley! She has a distinct look from her herdmates and has really brought
in some neat traits through her sons and daughters.  We admire her
smoothness of blending, correct rump structure and set to feet and legs.
She has a high wide rear udder,  correctly sized/placed teats.  I love the
globular shape and well supported udder floor.  

Kaisley was the 2nd place 2 Yr Old/2nd Udder at the ADGA National Show.  
She had a single buck in 2014 and went on to a 1st place/1st udder 3 Yr
Old win at the 2014 Nationals.  Despite a positive pregnancy test, Kaisley
didn't kid in 2015 so was kept in milk to be shown as milking through.  She
kept her milk production up impressively well, though put on some extra
weight which hurt her at appraisal.

Kaisley's dam S
GCH J&R Spirit's Maxim Kaitanna 3*M is a beautiful doe
with an amazing mammary system.  She was the 2nd pl/2nd udder 3 Yr
Old at the 2012 Nationals.  Kaitanna's sire
*B J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim
is a full brother to the popular
SGCH +*B J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy.  We
are impressed with how mixing KAISLEY in with the Hoanbu blood.  Her
GCH KATNISS and KARMA are two of my most promising
younger does.   KAISLEY's granddaughter
GCH MAYBELLINE finished her
championship as a yearling milker and is also a doe to watch for!

Kaisley has not been confirmed pregnant yet in 2021.  She may have
decided to retire herself at this point.  She will continue her life here... well
deserving of rest.
Senior Dry Yearling
2nd fresh 3 yr old
3rd fresh 4 yr old
Milking through -
15 months in milk
5th fresh 6 yr old
4th fresh 5 yr old