SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service 2-05 EX91 EEE
SG ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service 6-05 EX90 VEE
   Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation 4*M        
SGCH ++*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status EX91 EEE
   *B Lakeshore-Farms EX Turbocharge
SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Skipa Star 3*M 4-01 VG89 VVEE
   SGCH Lakeshore-Farms EXAntique Lace 5-01 EX90 VEEE

   +*B Wingwood Farm Blue Tamoon
+*B Hoanbu Tamoon Broad Stripes
   GCH Hoanbu OJ Third Time's A Charm 1*M
SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty 1*M EX90
   *B Winterberry One Eyed Jack
Hoanbu OJ Croix Caravelle AI
   GCH Hoanbu BUL Charisma Croix 1*M
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Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does
Light is the result of a repeat proven breeding of SGCH ++*B
Lakeshore-Farms Star Status 4-05 EX91 EEE and SGCH Hoanbu Stripes
Caravelle Misty 1*M EX90.  Light is a full sister to SGCH Moonlight EX92,
the 2013 Reserve National Champion, and SG Meadow EX90.  

A very large doe, Light has all the good things Status daughters are known
for: correct set to feet and legs, depth of barrel, long level topline,
smoothness of blending, and width and depth for a very balanced
package.  She has a very similar mammary to her older paternal sisters--
high, wide, capacious, smooth fore and well delineated teats and well
high, wide, capacious, smooth fore and well delineated teats and well
supported with a correct medial. Unfortunately, she lost half of her udder at
2 years of age and will not see the show ring again.  She is now a very
valuable brood doe who will carry on her strong genetics to my next

Light is bred to *B Woest-Hoeve Defying Gravity for Feb 2016 kids.  This is
a parallel breeding (Light's full sister Moonlight bred to Gravity) that
resulted in Hoanbu DG Moonlit Dove, the 2015 Supreme Best Junior Doe
of Show at the North American International Livestock Exposition over 300
some junior does!
  • 2012: 2x RGCH, 1x GCH
  • 2013 ADGA Natl Show 5th pl Yearling Milker
SG Hoanbu Stat Let There Be Light 2*M VG86 (yrg)


G6S Normal By


DOB:  March 2012

YSA: 0-04 + (VAEc)
1-05 VG86 ++EV

Int Kid July 2012
2010 ADGA National Show
1st place Produce of Dam:
Meadow and Moonlight
Yearling Milker
2 Yr Old Milker