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Hoanbu Saanen Senior Does


DOB:  March 2001

LA: 4-03 VG88 VEVV
5-02 EX90 VEEE
(you can see the uneven halves in the photo of her even as a 1st
freshening 2 year old to the right).  She never got to prove herself in the
show ring, though she has proved her beauty in Linear Appraisal
earning her permanent score of Excellent 90 as a 5 year old with an E
mammary.  The appraiser tinkered with the idea of a 91, but said that

feminine.   In the photo above, she looks a bit crunched up -- I wish she
had those rear feet about 6 or 8 inches further back--, but know that
she's incredibly long and deep.  And no, she isn't pregnant-- she's
about 5 weeks fresh.  She's very level on her topline with a long, wide,
flat rump.  Her foreudder is quite long and smooth, she's got nicely
shaped teats, a high wide rear udder arch, and a strong MSL.  A heavy
milker Midi, too has that typical dairy style of my "Mar-" line with
sharpness, angularity, veining, and an unbeatable will to milk.  Even
with half an udder, she earned her star in 2006 on a one-day test by
milking 14.5# with a 2.6% butterfat for a total of 22.5 points.

\Maridia has a full sister in the herd
Hoanbu Yeager Margi Maranda AI.
Hoanbu Yeager Margi Maridia AI 3*M
2  years old

Hoanbu DJ Maridia

Hoanbu Duke
Maridia Mardi Gras