Pedigree Link
Hoanbu Saanen Senior Does
SG +B Windsor-Manor WMDM Visionquest VG88
*B Willow Run V.Q. Scorpion King
GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk 1*M (Natl GCH04)
Windsor-Manor SK Don Juan
*B Windsor-Manor SO Dream Diamond
CH Windsor-Manor DD Dixie Delight 3-04 EX91 EEEE
GCH Windsor-Manor WMV Francine 1*M (Natl GCH03)

++*B View Ridge Running Bear
*B La Vista TRRB Yeager
GCH La Vista DR Truth 2*M
Hoanbu Yeager Margi Maridia AI 3*M Ex90 VEEE
McQuitty Farm Handy Andy
GCH Hoanbu Andy Marlene Marguerita 2*M EX90 VEEE         
GCH Hoanbu Millie's Marlene 1*M
Hoanbu DJ Maridia Mariska 4*M
Mariska is one of two Maridia daughters we have had the pleasure of
owning.  She easily earned her dry leg in 2006 even as a junior kid with
her attractive uphill look and ease of motion.  She has a long top, correctly
shaped feet, and square set to feet/legs.  Mariska has a very nice
globular shaped mammary system with desired width and height to rear,
extension to fore, and possessing attachments and teat size and shape
that approach ideal.  
  • 2006 Official Dry Leg
  • 2007 shown 4x: 3 x 1st, 1x 2nd
  • 2008 GCH OVDGA