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Hoanbu Saanen Senior Does


DOB:  March 2006

2-04 VG87 VVEV
3-04 VG89 VVEV

1-d Test:
2-02 11.9# 2.8%
19.1  total pts
3-02 12.2# 208%
19.5 total points

2-01 286 2792 79
2.8% 80 2.9%

3-0 228 2534 70
2.8% 69 2.7%
Hoanbu Stuckup Margi Martini 3*M VG89
  • 2007 SWODGA GCH earned dry leg
  • 2007 NAILE 1st pl Sr Yearling, RGCH
  • 2007 NAILE Part of 1st Place Jr Best 3
  • 2008 1st pl Futurity Saanen, Best of State Futurity Doe
  • 2009 ODGA 1st 3yo and RGCH
Snuggle, Smirk, Smile, and Sneer well-known lineage.  Snuggle was
1st place 3yr old at the 2006 Nationals while Smirk's Visionquest
daughter Sneer was 3rd place 4yr old behind the GCH and RGCH
does.  Sneer and Snuggle teamed up for a 1st place Produce of Dam
and were members of the 1st place Dairy herd as well.  Martini's
paternal brother
McQuitty-Farm Alma Matter is working in the
Redwood Hills Companeros herd in California.  Martini's AI daughter
Mona Vie is sired National Champion and Best Udder Saanen,
Intermediate Kid
1st freshening
2yr old 2008
2nd freshening 3yr old
great but no one is around
to help pose for a photo...