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Hoanbu Saanen Junior Does


DOB:  Feb 2010

YSA: not scored
Midori is an attractive, upstanding doe with lots of stature and angularity.
throughout. I appreciate the width of chest, depth of heart and barrel that
she carries back to width between the hocks and finishing in a high,
widely arched escutcheon. She has sharpness at the withers and tight
shoulder blades. If I could change this doe in any way, (besides getting
rid of her wattles, :o), I would like to shorten the length of her pasterns, as
they tended to appear weak during her growth spurts.  

Midori is the result of a super cool AI breeding.  She is one of my 4
Hoanbu AI daughters by
++B Winsor-Manor AA Victor. Victor was the
2004 National Premier Sire with his most notable daughter being
Windsor-Manor WMV Francine 2*M
, the 2003 ADGA National Champion
Saanen with Best Udder.  Victor is a paternal grandson of
GCH McQuitty-
*B Willow-Run Legacy Ansell
, who sired GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk
, the 2004 ADGA National Champion and Best Udder.  Allison’s
maternal niece is the famed
SGCH McQuitty-Farm Aloha 1*M EX90, the
2001 and 2002 National Champion. Victor eclipsed his own National
Premier Sire Award by siring
+B Kids-A-Lot IM Joshua 4-04 EX90 VEE,
the 2006 ADGA National Premier Sire.  Now, to make things really
interesting, Joshua is a son of
CH Hoanbu Jake Marlena Idalis, who is a
close relative of Midori’s maternal grandmother,
SGCH Hoanbu Andy
Marlene Marguerita EX91 EEEE (Marlena and Marguerita were full
sisters).  With the success that Victor has already had with the Hoanbu
and McQuitty genetics, we look for both Midori and her paternal sister
Marengo to be no different.
Hoanbu WMV Martini Midori AI