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Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does


Tested G6S Normal
Tested CAE Negative


DOB:  March 2005

2-04 VG89 EVEE
4-03 EX90 EEVE

One Day Test:
2-03 11.9#, 5.0% bf,
24.4 total points

1-11 256 2212 119
5.4%  87 3.9%

3-02 160 1418 61 4.3%
53 3.7%
4-00 184 1635 4.1 67
3.9 64
Misty is a very dairy doe being angular, flat boned, open ribbed and fine
skinned.   She's long and level with strong feet, short tight pasterns, wide
flat rump, very angular and open with a high, wide escutcheon.  Misty is a
powerhouse, yet still being feminine and dairy.  

Misty was a standout as a dry yearling, who handily won her class nearly
everywhere she went including several county fairs and ended her Junior
Doe show career as Best Junior Doe in Show at the North American
International Livestock Expo in November 2006 over 402 other competitive
junior does.  Misty continues to impress us yet.  She easily won her
championship as a first freshening 2 year old, earned both her Advanced
Registry and ST star as well as attaining the highest possible LA score for
a first freshener of VG89 including an Excellent mammary.  She scored
Excellent with an E mammary as a 4 yr old with an EX90.

Misty is a double granddaughter to our Nubian foundation doe,
Oak HIH Cathy Charisma
, our first (and only!) Nubian doe we have ever
purchased until 2011 when we bought Alize Kaisley.  We were just starting
out  when we bought Charisma in 1990 and "Charissy" was only shown in
unsanctioned events and never was able to prove what an exceptional
doe she was herself-- she's left that task up to the generations of her
kids,  grandkids and great-grandkids, like Misty.

Misty won an Ohio Dairy Goat Association One Day Milk Test breed award
for her outstanding production on her one day milk test in 2007.  

We love the Misty x
SGCH +*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status EX91 cross
and have many variations of it in the herd.  
SGCH Hoanbu Status Misty
Moonlight 2*M, their daughter from 2007 was the 2nd pl 5-6 Yr Old and
Reserve National Champion at the National Show in MN in 2013 ND 1ST
pl/1st Udder Aged Doe in 2014.  
Hoanbu Status Misty Meadow was the
15th place Jr Kid at the 08 Nationals and 7th pl 2 Yr old at 2010 Nationals.  
Their full brothers *B Hoanbu Status Symbol and *B Hoanbu Status
Seeker qualified for the ADGA Young Sire Development Program.  We
also have
Hoanbu Stat Let There Be Light  as well.  She needs to give us
a daughter already in 2016 as she is bred to
*B Woest Hoeve Defying
SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty 1*M EX90
  • 2006 Official Dry Leg
  • 2006 Allen Co Fair 1st pl Dry Yg, GCH, BDIS over 188 jr does
  • 2006 NAILE 1st Dry Yg, GCH, BDIS over 402 does
  • 2007 finished championship
  • 2008 NAILE 1st pl Dry Doe