SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service 2-05 EX91 EEE
SG ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service 6-05 EX90 VEE
    Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation 4*M
SGCH +*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status 4-05 EX91 EEE Premier Sire 2010, 2011, 2013 Natls
    *B Lakeshore-Farms EX Turbocharge
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Skipa Star 3*M 4-01 VG89 VVEE
    GCH Lakeshore-Farms EXAntique Lace 5-01 EX90 VEEE

    +*B Wingwood Farm Blue Tamoon
*B Hoanbu Tamoon Broad Stripes AI (
full brother to GCH Galilea)
    GCH Hoanbu OJ Third Time's A Charm 1*M (2nd pl/ 1st udder 1997 nationals)
SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty 1*M EX90
    *B Winterberry One Eyed Jack (sire of GCH Charm)
Hoanbu OJ Croix Caravelle AI
    GCH Hoanbu BUL Charisma Croix 1*
Pedigree Link
Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does
Moonlight has the exact style we have been spent the last 25+ years breeding purebred
Nubians for.  Moony is easily my favorite doe in the herd. I was thrilled to have Moonlight named
the 2013 ADGA Reserve National Grand Champion in Minnesota!!

Moony's YSA score was Extremely Correct across the board in 2008 and in 2009, she got the
highest LA final score possible for a first freshener of 89 and went Excellent in 2010, 2011 and
92 in 2012.  Moony was shown in 2008 at the ADGA Nationals where she was 7th place (in a
huge Sr Yearling class that the GCH and RGCH was chosen out of).  As a first freshening 2 yr
old, Moony easily finished her championship by earning her SGCH status.  By 2010, Moony led
our showstring for 2010 by winning her class (2nd udder) at the Nationals, and was part of our
1st place Dairy Herd, Best 3 Females, Senior Get of Sire (for Status), and Produce of Dam (for
Misty).  Moony became ill at the 2011 Nationals and went off feed/water.  She still placed a
respectable 4th place behind herdmate SGCH Vegas and was part of our 1st pl Dairy Herd,
Best 3 Sr Does and 2nd pl Sr Get of Sire.

At the National Show in 2013, Moony never looked better!  She was 2nd pl/3rd udder 5-6 Yr old
and was named the Reserve National Grand Champion!  By the end of 2013, Moony had earned
17 Best of Breed titles. Moony was 1st pl/1st Udder Aged Doe at the 2014 ADGA National Show
as well.  Even at an advanced age, Moonlight continues to wow us and has provided us with
amazing progeny including:

GCH Hoanbu EXOD Moon Dance 3*M EX90
Son: *B Hoanbu DL Relentless (son of ++*B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke)
*B Hoanbu CA Light My Fire (son of ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador) 2013 ADGA
Spotlight Sale consignment and his full brother
*B Hoanbu CA Night Life who we have kids from
and semen in the tank.
Hoanbu LR Moonlit Reflection, 3rd pl Jr Kid 2014 National Show
Hoanbu DG Moonlit Dove, Supreme Best Jr Doe of Show 2015 NAILE
Hoanbu LR Dancing on Broadway, 2013 ADGA Spotlight Sale consignment
Hoanbu LR Dancing Downtown, 2014 Reserve National Junior Champion
Hoanbu LR Dancing At Juilliard, 2014 4th pl Sr Dr Yrg ADGA National Show

We loved the Moony x Gravity breeding so well that we repeated it for 2016 kids!  Buck
reservations are by private treaty with semen back.
  • 2008 SEODGA, 1st Sr Dry Yg, GCH  (dry leg)
  • 2008 ADGA Nationals 7th place Sr Dry Yearling
  • 2008 KY State Fair 2nd pl, RGCH Sr Dry Yearling
  • 2008 TN State Fair 1st pl, GCH Sr Dry Yearling
  • 2009 D3 Nubian Specialty 1st pl 2yr old
  • 2009 Ohio DGA Best of State Futurity Doe
  • 2009 3x GCH, 1x RGCH, 3x BOB
  • 2010 ADGA Nationals 1st pl 3 Yr Old, 2nd udder
  • 2010 ADGA Nationals: part of 1st pl Dairy Herd, Best 3 Sr Does,
    Sr Get of Sire, Produce of Dam
  • 2010 KY St Fair 1st 3 Yr Old, GCH, BOB
  • 2010 MODGA, D4 Nubian Specialty BOB
  • 2010 KY State Fair GCH, BOB, BU
  • 2010 KY Exhibitor's Show BOB, BDIS
  • 2010 Allen Co Fair BOB, BU
  • 2010 Delaware Co Fair BOB
  • 2011 ODGA 2x BOB
  • 2011 ADGA National Show: 4th pl 4 Yr Old
  • 2011 ADGA National Show: part of 1st pl Dairy Herd, 1st pl Best 3
    Sr Does, 2nd pl Sr Get of Sire
  • 2011 KY St Fair: GCH, BOB, BU
  • 2012 Shown 2x: 2x BOB, 1x Best Doe in Show
  • 2013 ADGA Reserve National Grand Champion
  • 2013 2nd pl/3rd udder 5-6 Yr Old
  • 2013 Shown 4x: 2x RGCH, 2x BOB, 1x Best Doe in Show
  • 2014 ADGA Naitonal Show 1st pl/1st Udder Aged Doe
SGCH Hoanbu Status Misty Moonlight 2*M EX92


DNA Typed
Parentage Verified

G6S Normal by

Tested CAE negativ


DOB:  April 2007

YSA 0-04 V (EcVV)
1-04 Ec (EcEcEc)
2-03 VG89 VVVE
3-02 EX90 EVEE
4-02 EX91 EEEE
5-04 EX92 EEEE

One Day Milk Test:
3-01 11.3# 3.9%
20.4 total points

1-11 276 2274 98
4.3% 90 4.0%

3-00 244 1995 104
5.2% 82 4.1%
Sr Dry Yearling (left); Jr
Kid (right in July)
5 year old 2012
6 yr old 2013