GCH +*B Simple Life Raspberry Dakota
++*B Simple-Life-Farm Bulwinkle    
Simple-Life-Farm Rasberycupcak 3*M       
++*B Hoanbu Cruzan Gold dau/avg FS87
*B Winterberry One Eyed Jack       
GCH Hoanbu OJ Third Time's A Charm 1*M            
Leaning Oak HIH Cathy Charisma

SG ++*B Nodaway Mystical Sorcerer EX90 EEE
SGCH +*B Nodaway Sorcerer Legend EX90 VEE         
Serendipity's Luiz 5*M 5-01 VG87 VEVV
Hoanbu LC Charm's Lil Sissy (maternal sis to GCH Charm)
*B Briarwood Farm Hi I'm Hershey
Leaning Oak HIH Cathy Charisma
SG Leaning Oak Charmers Catherine 2*M
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Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does



May 1999

6-01 VG86

Another pretty ++*B Hoanbu Cruzan Gold daughter, Onyx excells in body
capacity with her width and depth throughout, especially depth of heart
and into the rear barrel.  As an aged doe, she still has short strong
pasterns, tight toes and ideal depth of heel.  She has a typical Gold
udder, being high, wide, correct shape and placement of teats, a
beautifully extended foreudder and possessing the 1/3-1/3-1/3 balance
that we love to see.  Onyx has some of the best veining in the herd
indicating superb dairy character.

Onyx finished her championship as a second freshening 3 yr old.  That
same year, she earned her ST milk star.  Unfortunately, she won't see
the show ring again as she developed mastitis at dry-off a few years
ago when she refused to quit milking.   Onyx is doe who has a long
level lactation and a great will to milk.

Onyx is the dam of our
GCH Hoanbu Status Onyx Joy 2*M EX90 and her
Sicily.  We had agreed to sell Joy before appraisal and when
she scored a 90, I knew I had to have another go at a maternal sister.  
After being in retirement for a couple years, we are eager to see another
doe kid out of Onyx.  Onyx's daughter by Exodus, "Cricket" is a deep
bodied, open ribbed doe standing on strong feet and correctly set legs.  
Onyx passed away gracefully in the summer of 2010.
GCH Hoanbu Gold Sissy Onyx 1*M
Junior Kid