++*B Udder Way Signature
++*B Udder-Way Hannibal
CH Udder-Way Hera
Flower-Acres Hoover
++*B Goose Crossing Lighthearted
Flower-Acres Legend GCL Leah
Flower-Acres Legend Lindsey

GCH ++*B Sodium Oaks Yreka
+*B Iroquois-KC Yreka Phenomenon 2-01 VG88 VEE
SGCH Tifdoroyl SDC Venus Valerie 4*M 7-03 EX90 EEEV
Hoanbu Phenom Patty Princesse
+*B Meadow Morn BDT Posse 2-03 EX90 VEE
Hoanbu Posse/Pippi Pattycake 2*M
GCH Hoanbu DBM  Mystique's Pippi 1*M
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Hoanbu Alpine Senior Does



DOB:  April 2001

4-03 VG87 +EEV
5-02 EX90 VEEE
6-03 EX90 VEEE

5-11 283 2765 3.7
102 3.0 82
In 2005, Pageant easily finished her championship and she earned her
permanent LA score of EX90 VEEE as a 5 year old and again as a 6 yr
old.  She has such incredible body capacity.-- such depth of heart over
the top with an extremely wide, flat rump. he's very dairy, sharp and
angular She has a globular shaped, tightly attached mammary with
correct size and shape of teats.   She has a near ideal topline and
powerful deep muzzle.  

goes waaay back 7 generations to my very first goat, "Goatsie" (don't
laugh!).  Pageant's great-granddam is my 1993 ADGA Reserve National
Junior Champion
GCH Hoanbu DBM Mystique's Pippi 1*M.  

Pageant is the dam of  Hoanbu CMP Pageant Passion, the 7th place
Senior Yearling at the 2006 Nationals.  
Hoanbu Sulten Pageant Pixie
is the dam of Hoanbu ADV Pixie Pinata 3*M VG89.   Pageant had
twin 2007 AI daughters by
 ++*B Nodaway Sorcerer's Visionary, an
influential buck in the Sunshine herd:
Hoanbu Vision Pageant Prism
Hoanbu Vision Pageant Prize.
  • 2003 1st pl 2 yr old, RGCH Ohio State Fair
  • 2003 Reserve Best Udder Ohio State Fair
  • 2005 Finished Championship as a 4 year old
  • 2007 2nd pl Aged Doe, RGCH Ohio State Fair
  • 2007 Reserve Best Udder Ohio State Fair
  • 2007 NAILE 2nd pl Aged Doe
GCH Hoanbu HVR Princesse Pageant 1*M
Reference Use
4 year old
Junior Kid
Paternal sister (Hoover daughter):
SGCH Strawberry Fields Irish Rose 4*M EX92 EEEE
photo courtesy Strawberry Fields, Beth and Paul Adams