SG ++*B Redwood Hills Savvy Journey
SG ++*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune 2-04 EX90 VEE
       GCH Redwood Hills Odyssey Finesse 1*M
SG +++*B Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack 4-05 EX91 (2013 Natl Show Premier Sire, ELITE)
       SGCH ++*B Milar Farms Royal Image 5-04 EX90 VEE
SGCH Tempo Aquila Tokay 5*M 4-03 EX93 EEEE
       SGCH Tempo Aquila Praline 4*M 6-02 EX91 EEEE

       SG ++*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune 2-04 EX90 VEE
SG ++*B Olentangy Fortune Adventurer EX92 EEE
       GCH Olentangy Fiery Adularia 5*M EX92 EEEE
SGCH Hoanbu ADV Pixie Pinata 3*M 5-04 EX91 VEEE
       CH *B IR-Ranch NCS Sulten 8-03 EX90 VEE
Hoanbu Sulten Pageant Pixie 2*M 3-02 VG88 +VEE
       GCH Hoanbu HVR Princesse Pageant 1*M 5-02 EX90 VEEE
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Hoanbu Alpine Senior Does



DOB: Apr 2012

2-03 VG89 EEEE
3-03 EX91 VEEE
4-03 EX91 EEEE

Additional Photos
Quickly becoming a new favorite show goat is SGCH HOANBU
YJ PINATA PAPRIKA 4*M 3-02 EX91 VEEE! Paprika is a
paternal sister to the highest appraising dairy goat in history
SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free EX95 EEEE. They are both
the daughters of the incredible: SG +*B Tempo Aquila Yukon
Jack EX91, the 2013 National Show Premier Sire. Paprika is
also the daughter of Drew's much-loved, most-favorite
showmanship goat of all time and then some: SGCH HOANBU

Besides accumulating a show record of 3x GCH as a junior doe,
Paprika was the 2nd place Sr Dry Yearling at the 2013
Nationals. Paprika finished her championship as a first
freshening 2 Yr Old and has accumulated show wins in the tune
of 7x GCH, 1x RGCH, 4x BOB and 2x BIS so far as a 2nd
freshening 3 Yr Old, including both rings at the Kentucky State
Fair in 2015. Paprika was also 2nd place with 3rd udder at the
2014 ADGA National Show! We love Paprika's size, stature,
style, dairy strength, will to milk as well as her long, level topline,
strength of feet and legs, width of chest, and height and width
to rear attachment.

remains in the herd and is by SGCH +*B Olentangy and will
compete as 3 year old in 2018.

We are thrilled that Paprika's son *B HOANBU HIGH SPEED
PREFORMANCE by ++*B Redwood Hills Revoution Speed is
working in the Redwood Hills herd in Califronia.

Pretzel is bred to *B Redwood Hills Tribute Rhythm 3-03 EX90
EEE, a RIma son, for late April 2018 kids.
SGCH Hoanbu YJ Pinata Paprika 4*M EX91
  • 2011 ADGA Nationals
  • 2012 Ohio State Fair
  • 2012
  • 2013 Ohio State Fair Youth Show GCH and BU
  • 2013 10th pl 5-6 Yr old ADGA National Show
  • 2014 2nd pl/3rd udder 2 Yr Old ADGA National Show
  • 2014
  • 2015: 7x GCH, 1x RGCH, 4x BOB, 2x BIS
  • 2015: GCH both rings Kentucky St Fair
Dry Yearling
ADGA National Show
2nd pl Sr Dry Yrg
and part of
1st pl Jr Get of Sire
Daughter of 2014 National
Show Premier Sire Yukon Jack
Junior Kid
1st fresh 2 yr old
ADGA National Show
2nd pl/3rd Udder 2 Yr Old