SG ++*B Redwood Hills Savvy Journey
SG ++*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune 2-04 EX90 VEE
GCH Redwood Hills Odyssey Finesse 1*M (Nat'l RGCH 1999)
+*B Olentangy Fortune Adventurer 4-03 EX92 EEE
GCH ++*B Clovertop's Fire Storm
GCH Olentangy Fiery Adularia 5*M EX92 EEEE
Olentangy Advantage Aquamarine 4*M

SG ++*B Nodaway Mystical Sorcerer 6-02 EX90 EEE
++*B Nodaway Sorcerer Visionary 3-04 VG87
SGCH Sudbury Hill SS Ariel 2*M 6-03 EX90 VEEE 1988 RGCH Natl
Hoanbu Vision Pageant Prize
Flower-Acres Hoover 5-03 VG86 VVE D/avg VG88
GCH Hoanbu HVR Princesse Pageant 1*M EX90 VEEE
Hoanbu Phenom Patty Princesse
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Hoanbu Alpine Does



DOB: Apr 2009

Additional Photos
we are glad to have Petra still in the herd to carry on our strong Hoanbu
Alpine tradition.  Petra is a beautiful classic cou blanc: my favorite color, the
"chrome" of the alpine world in my opinion!  She is squarely made, has very
good spring of rib and stands on strong feet and legs with plenty of width
up into the escutcheon as most Adventurer daughters do.  She is sharp,
smooth in the front end, and alert and animated with pretty Alpine breed

Petra showed just a handful of times as a Jr Kid and took some time to
grow into herself as a dry yearling.  In September, at our last county fair
show of the year, I decided to clip Petra and finally take her out for the first
time as a dry yearling.  She impressed me as she won Grand and went on
to win Best Jr Doe of Show, thus earning her dry leg at the only show she
went to in 2010.  Cool!  Petra gets to stay here!

Petra's dam
Prize was quite competitive in the show ring as well. In
keeping with lowering our alpine numbers (not yet knowing we would be in
for a couple years without any alpine doe kids born!), we sold Prize as a
young first freshener so didn't get to see her in full-bloom in milk.  Prize
was a stylish, upstanding dairy doe with exceptional width between her flat,
well-sprung ribs, a wide flat rump, well shaped strong feet and a high wide
escutcheon.  Since
Pixie (Prize's maternal sister) crossed so well with
Adventurer in her daughter
Pinata, we used  +*B Olentangy Fortune
Adventurer EX92 EE
E on Prize to get Petra.  Adventurer is an absolutely
breath-taking buck that is doing some great things in Kevin Smith's Dardy
Acres herd in OH for style and production.  Petra's daughter by CH
Windrush Farm IRS Charmer is beautiful: Hoanbu WFC Petra Pippa!
Hoanbu ADV Prize Petra
Petra's Dam:
Hoanbu Vision Pageant Prize
  • 2010 Delaware Co Fair GCH &  DBDIS, earned dry leg
  • 2011 ODGA 3rd place Futurity Doe
Junior Kid 2009
Dry Yearling 2010
Petra's Sire:
+*B Olentangy Fortune Adventurer EX92 EEE