SG ++*B Redwood Hills Savvy Journey
  SG ++*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune 2-04 EX90 VEE
          GCH Redwood Hills Odyssey Finesse 1*M (Nat'l RGCH 1999)
SG ++*B Olentangy Fortune Adventurer EX92 EEE
          GCH ++*B Clovertop's Fire Storm
  GCH Olentangy Fiery Adularia 5*M EX92 EEEE
          Olentangy Advantage Aquamarine 4*M

          GCH +B Hill N Holler M. Nucleus 4-05 VG89 VEE
  CH *B IR-Ranch NCS Sulten 3-02 VG89 VEE
          GCH Sanstorms Classy Selena 1*M 4-04 EX90 VEEE
Hoanbu Sulten Pageant Pixie 2*M
          Flower-Acres Hoover 5-03 VG86 VVE D/avg VG88
  GCH Hoanbu HVR Princesse Pageant 1*M EX90 VEEE
          Hoanbu Phenom Patty Princesse
Pedigree Link
Hoanbu Alpine Senior Does


Tested CAE negative


DOB: Apr 2008

YSA: 0-03 + (++V)
1-03 V (VVV)
2-02 VG89 EVEE
3-02 EX90 VEEE
4-04 EX91 VEEE
5-05 EX91 VEEE

2-00 271 2420 81
3.3% 77 3.2%
Additional Photos
This special goat has been a big part of our family since she graced our
lives in 2008. She and my son Drew have grown up together and share a
love like no other! They have won showmanship in 6 states including 3
TWO emergency C-sections with determination, heart, amazing will to
live, with a little Alpine attitude! She is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of goat and
I will forever be in debt to her for capturing the big heart of my son to keep
him interested and motivated to stick with the very demanding,
sometimes heart-wrenching and frustrating, but always captivating
project of raising dairy goats. And who am I kidding?! She has captured
my heart as well!!

Pinata has had a great show career including placing high in several big
shows like Nationals, OH, KY, NC, and TN State Fairs and NAILE. Pinata
has been shown extensively every year since she was a kid with 13x
RGCH, 9x GCH, 7x BOB, and 5x BDIS. Pinata is a balanced doe with great
feet/legs, strength of top and long lean neck.  Easily earning her
championship and an Excellent LA score as a 2nd freshener, Pinata is a
large, deep bodied doe with a wide, flat rump and a globular shaped

She currently has 3 daughters in our herd: SGCH HOANBU YJ PINATA
PAPRIKA 4*M EX91 (confirmed AI to SG +*B Redwood Hills Revolution
Speed); and two milking yearlings by *B Redwood Hills Twisted Image:
HOANBU RHTI PUZZLE (confirmed to *B Noble-Springs RHR Sturgill)
and HOANBU RHTI PRETZEL (bred to *B Hoanbu Highlight Priority).
Pinata herself is confirmed pregnant with kids by SG +*B Tempo Aquila
Yukon Jack EX91, to repeat the breeding that gave us PAPRIKA!!
SGCH Hoanbu ADV Pixie Pinata 3*M EX91
  • 2008 2x RGCH, 2x GCH, 2x BJrDIS
  • 2008 earned official dry leg  
  • 2008 8th pl Jr Kid ADGA National Show
  • 2008 2nd pl Early Jr Kid NAILE
  • 2009 1x RGCH, 1x GCH, 1x BJrDIS
  • 2009 RGCH TN St Fair
  • 2009 1st pl Sr Yrg NAILE
  • 2010: 3x RGCH, 2x GCH
  • 2010 ADGA Nationals 20th pl 2 Yr Old
  • 2011 2x GCH, 2x RGCH, 2x BOB, 2x BU, 1x BIS
  • 2011 ADGA Nationals 7th pl 3 Yr Old
  • 2012 Ohio State Fair Youth Show GCH and BU
  • 2012 4x BOB, 2x GCH, 1x RGCH
  • 2013 Ohio State Fair Youth Show GCH and BU
  • 2013 10th pl 5-6 Yr old ADGA National Show
  • 2014
dry yearling
Junior Kid
Aug & Nov 2008
1st fresh 2 yr old
Pinata's Sire:
+*B Olentangy Fortune Adventurer EX92 EEE
Pinata's Dam:
Hoanbu Sulten Pageant Pixie 2*M 3-03 VG88