Hill N Holler B Mystique
GCH +B Hill N Holler M. Nucleus 4-05 VG89 VEE
CH Hill*N*Holler El. Vanila
GCH +*B IR-Ranch NCS Sulten 3-02 VG89 VEE
*B Sanstorms First Class D/avg VG89
GCH Sanstorms Classy Selena 1*M 4-04 EX90 VEEE
Sanstorms Logical Sabrina

++*B Udder-Way Hannibal D/avg VG87
Flower-Acres Hoover 5-03 VG86 VVE D/avg VG88
Flower-Acres Legend GCL Leah
GCH Hoanbu HVR Princesse Pageant 1*M EX90 VEEE
+*B Iroquois-KC Yreka Phenomenon 2-01 VG88 VEE
Hoanbu Phenom Patty Princesse
Hoanbu Posse/Pippi Pattycake 2*M (dau of GCH Hoanbu Pippi RJrGCH 1993 Nationals)
Pedigree Link
Hoanbu Alpine Senior Does



DOB:  April 2006

3-03 VG88+VVE

2-01 250 1548 71
4.6% 53 3.4%
3-0 213 2171 2.9 64
2.9 64
Additional Photos
full of prunes but  we can't help but love her!  Drew showed Pixie as a kid,
dry yearling, and as a milker until she died during labor in 2010.  They
were quite the team in showmanship!  It was sweet to watch them both
grow up in pictures (see below).

Pixie got better with age.  She was a very dairy doe with a pleasing
silhouette, but needed more angulation to the rear legs.  She is improved
over her dam
Pageant in sharpness at shoulders and structure of her
rump.  She retains Pageant's impressive depth, width and spring of rib,
wide open escutcheon, and well attached mammary.  Her best feature is
her mammary system:  globular, strong medial, correct shape/size plumb
teats, smooth fore, high wide and tight rear.  Wow!

Pixie's daughter
Pinata by GCH +*B Olentangy Fortune Adventurer EX92
was the 8th pl Jr Kid at the 2008 Nationals! Pixie's has another
beautiful 2009 daughter Pilar by
+*B Willow Run Caesar Ahren, son of
Maple-Glen Classic's Ariel 4*M EX91 EEEE.  We got rear leg angulation
and length of body like we were hoping for with both breedings!  Both of
these does are improvements over their dam, while retaining some of her
best qualities.  We are excited about their futures!
Hoanbu Sulten Pageant Pixie 2*M VG88
reference use
3 year old
3yr old 2nd
fresh above
2yr old 1st
dry yearling
2 year old
Junior Kid
Sire GCH Sulten
  • 2009 ODGA 1st 3yr old, GCH, BOB