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Hoanbu Nubian Senior Does
SG Hoanbu EXOD Summer Secret 2*M EX90



DOB:  Feb 2008

1-03 VG85 +V+V
2-04 EX90 EVVE

One Day Milk Test
2-03 11.3# 3.6%
19.6 total points

1-03 234 2094 101
4.8% 81 3.9%
2-03 224 2190 105
4.8% 74 3.4%
  • 2009 1st pl yearling milker D4 Nubian Specialty
  • 2009 1st pl yearling milker TN St Fair
  • 2009 2nd place yearling milker NAILE
  • 2010 ADGA Nationals 15th place 2 yr old
We were really excited when Secret freshened. As one of our few Exodus
daughters to freshen to date, we've admired this doe more and more as
she settled into her lactation.  Secret has a beautifully attached, globular
mammary.  She is a determined milker who earned her star in a short
time on her yearling lactation. She has the typical strong feet and correctly
set legs that Hoanbu Nubians are becoming known for.

Secret has always been a very consistent doe in every area of
performance: show, LA, and milk test.  She has not excelled in just one
area, but all 3.  The older she gets, the more this is truly appreciated.  
Secret is steady and reliable with beauty, grace, stamina, strength and a
darling personality to boot.  I wish more does could be as balanced as

Secret was the 15th place 2 year old at the 2010 National Show and a very
valuable part of our winning group classes.  Secret's dam
SG Trinket was
the 5th pl 4 Yr Old at the 2010 Nationals, and together with Secret, they
were the 2nd pl Dam and Daughter at the 2010 Nationals.  Secret was
also part of our 2nd place Senior Get of Sire at the 2010 Nationals for
+*B Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus.  We admire the will to milk, dairy
character, and well shaped and attached mammaries from our Exodus
Additional Photos
++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador EX90 EEV (ELITE, 3x Premier Sire)
++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess EX90 EVE (2x Premier Natl Sire)
GCH Kastdemur's Extasy 2*M EX90 EEVE
SG +*B Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus (full bro to GCH Sensation & Summer Heat)
++*B Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke 5-01 EX90 VEE
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm 5*M EX92 EEEE (JrCh 04Natls)
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Sierra Storm 4*M 5-05 EX90 VEEE

SG ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service 6-05 EX90 VEE              
SGCH +*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status EX91 EEE        
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Skipa Star 3*M 4-01 VG89 VVEE
SG Hoanbu Status Diamond Trinket 1*M 4-03 VG89 EVEV (full sister to GCH Pearl)
++*B Hoanbu Cruzan Gold (dau/avg FS87, sire to SGCH Geminia and GCH Onyx)
Hoanbu Stripes Ruby Diamond (paternal sister to SGCH Misty)
Hoanbu Gold Charm Ruby (daughter of GCH Charm)
Int Kid
yearling milker
2nd fr 2yr old